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As much as I hate the twin theory, it would kinda make sense if Toby was the one who had the twin. Toby and Chris Cavanaugh. We know Toby (or Chris) was on the A-team and and was dating Spencer. We also have a dead body with a tattoo matching Toby’s that has never been identified. One of them could have been good and one bad, they could have been switching places, or they were both bad and were just playing sides.

Or my favorite theory is that one of them was working for Ali. We have seen bits and pieces of their past and I really can’t figure out what was going on. What if Ali was using one of them to help her, just like Shana is.

We saw in “Bite Your Tongue” that C. Cavanaugh had gone to the dentist around when they suspect Ali’s dental records got switched. We also saw the name when Spencer went into the blind school and someone had checked in under that name. So someone has repeatedly been using the name.

Going back to the body in the woods…maybe Spencer really did see “Toby’s” body. Someone found out about the twins and killed one of them and then Mona was able to use it to her advantage to get to Spencer and mentally break her down.

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